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Architect Studio 3D Free Online Room Design Screen shot by Stacy Fisher

The Bottom Line

Architect Studio 3D is one of the best free online room design applications because of the single fact that it has a very nice 3D view.

While there aren't a ton of objects and options here, you're going to be happy with whatever you've picked after you've used the 3D view to see your creation.


  • The 3D view in Architect Studio 3D lets you view the house and rooms from all different angles
  • There are landscaping tools and objects available so you can create outdoor spaces


  • There's only a small number of flooring, wall and furniture choices available in Architect Studio 3D
  • The tools can be difficult to use at times
  • You're forced to create a whole house instead of just opting to create one room


  • Architect Studio 3D plays like a game where you're given a client and instructed to design them the perfect house for their needs
  • An online tutorial is there to walk you through designing your room and gives you the option of reading in much more detail about design if you'd like
  • There's a design gallery available so you can show off your work or view others creations

Guide Review - Architect Studio 3D

I was frustrated with some of the tools in Architect Studio 3D but once I got the hang of them I enjoyed using this online room design application. I love the 3D view included in the program and had a lot of fun viewing my dream home from every angle possible.

Just click the Visit Their Website link below to use Architect Studio 3D.

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