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Better Homes and Gardens Arrange-a-Room Free Online Room Design


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The Bottom Line

Arrange-a-Room, by Better Homes & Gardens, is one of the best free online room design applications because it's so easy to use.

If you're looking for a very simple program to help you design a room in your home then this is the online room design application for you.


  • It's really easy to change the shape of the room you're designing
  • The online instructions in Better Homes and Gardens Arrange-a-Room are really clear and helpful
  • It's easy to adjust the size of the furniture to get the exact dimensions you're looking for
  • You can change the furniture and other objects to virtually any color you want


  • A lot of adjusting is needed to get the room dimensions right
  • There's only limited choices for types of furniture and accessories you can add
  • You must sign up to use Arrange-a-Room


  • After you've created your online room you can print it or email it to a friend
  • You can save rooms so you can easily access them later
  • You'll have to sign in with your BHG account or register for an account

Guide Review - Arrange-a-Room

I really like the simplicity of Better Homes and Gardens' Arrange-a-Room. While it's not a fancy online room design program, you'll be able to quickly design a room in your house. However, if you're looking to create a dream room I suggest another program with more bells and whistles like Floorplanner or 3Dream.

Just click the Visit Their Website link below to use Better Homes and Gardens Arrange-a-Room.

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