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The Bottom Line

Floorplanner is hands down the best free online room design application out there. It's at the top of the list because while it's easy to use it's also got all the options that you could want from an online room design application.

A ton of furniture choices, great tutorials and the ability to view your design in 3D catapults Floorplanner to the top.


  • There are both written and video tutorials that will help you quickly get started
  • It's very easy to set room shape and dimensions
  • You'll be able to create a house and rooms in a snap with the easy to use tools
  • There are tons of options for furniture, flooring and other objects
  • You can choose to view your design in 2D or 3D


  • May be too detailed if you're looking for a quick one room project
  • There's no undo button to quickly correct mistakes


  • You'll have to register to be able to use Floorplanner
  • You can start with an empty design, empty room or an example design
  • There's a design gallery where you can view others creations and upload your own
  • Landscaping tools and objects are available so you can use the program to design your outdoor spaces as well
  • The Floorplanner free version has ads but you can choose to pay $29 for a no-ad version where you can create more houses

Guide Review - Floorplanner

I absolutely love Floorplanner. It's fun to use and provides satisfying results. I love how you can easily create a dream home and then view it in 3D. The online design gallery is very inspiring and made me want to spend all day, or maybe even all week, designing dream homes for everyone I know.

Just click the Visit Their Website link below to use Floorplanner.

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 5 out of 5
Floor Styler - easiest way for drawing floor plans, Member floorstyler

The purpose of Floor styler is to provide easy means for quick sketching of floor plans with the help of intuitive user interface! Floor styler incoroporates intuitive and simple interface and maximum flexibility and functionality. The result is a product which is both easy to use and powerful. Designed according to the latest trends in Flash graphics, Floor styler provide rich graphic depictions of the common objects found in a home - furniture, fixtures, floors and even cars.

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