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The Brylane Home catalog is a free home decor catalog / furniture catalog that's sent straight to your mailbox.

You'll find items for your bath, kitchen, bedroom, and living areas. They have a great selection of furniture, home decor, window treatments, storage solutions, small electric and more in the Brylane Home catalog.

How to Request a Brylane Home Catalog:

Visit Brylane Home to request a free Brylane Home catalog to be mailed to your house. Fill out the catalog request form with your name and mailing address.

Click the Submit My Request button to send in your request for the Brylane Home catalog.

You'll receive your free Brylane Home catalog in 2-4 weeks.

Brylane Home Catalog Restrictions:

The Brylane Home catalog will only be mailed to those living in the U.S.

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