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25 Free Shed Plans

Use These Free Shed Plans To Build Your New Storage Shed


11. Free Shed Plan for a Schoolhouse Storage Shed

Free Shed Plans
© The Family Handyman

This free shed plan is for a storage plan in the style of a one room schoolhouse. It's a large shed at 10X12 ft. and has double doors, a covered entry, and fiber-cement siding.

Step-by-step instructions and a tool and materials list are included in this free shed plan.

12. Free Shed Plan for a Simple Garden Shed

Free Shed Plans
© Mother Earth News

These free shed plans are for a simple garden shed that can be built with just basic carpentry skills.

Detailed directions, a materials list, and blueprints are included in this free shed plan.

13. Gabled 8x10 Garden Shed Free Shed Plan

Free Shed Plans

This gabled garden shed is a beauty that includes 80 square feet of work and storage space. A window and workbench makes the ultimate potting area inside. This 8x10 free shed plan can be build with a wrap-around deck as well.

You'll need to register (for free) to download this free shed plan but then you'll be able to instantly download the material list and plan as PDF files.

14. Free Garden Shed Plan

Free Shed Plans
© Plytanium

Here's another free shed plan, this one large enough to include a potting bench or workbench and the space to store a ton of your stuff.

Download this free shed plan to find a materials list, blueprints, and instructions.

15. Gambrel Style Free Storage Shed Plan

Free Shed Plans
© My Backyard Plans

After you're finished with this free storage shed plan, you'll have an 8x8 Gambrel storage shed that can be moved in the future if need be.

A complete material list makes this free shed plan so easy it can be completed in a weekend.

16. Small Cedar Fence Picket Storage Shed Plan

Free Shed Plans
© Ana White

Here's a plan for a small shed made out of cedar that looks great. It can even be built for under $260.

The shed plan here includes a supplies and materials list, a cut list, general instructions, diagrams, and photos.

17. Basic 9x13 Shed Plan

Free Shed Plans
© Popular Mechanics

Popular Mechanics has a free shed plan that will build a basic 9x13 foot shed.

Included in the shed plan are step-by-step directions with photos and a PDF file of high-resolution diagrams.

18. Garden Closet Storage Shed Plan

Free Shed Plans
© The Family Handyman

Here's a free shed plan for a very small shed that's only the size of a closet. It may be just what you're looking for though if you simply need a place to store some basic lawn equipment or gardening tools.

A tools and materials list, step-by-step directions, diagrams, and plenty of pictures will help you build this shed.

19. Backyard Storage Shed Plan

Free Shed Plans
© DIY Network

DIY Network also has a free storage shed plan. This plan will build you a great looking shed over the course of several weekends. The budget for this shed is $500 - $1,000.

Use the materials and tools list, building instructions, pictures, and videos to build this shed for your backyard.

20. 8x7 Tudor-Style Garden Shed Plan

Free Shed Plans
© BuildEazy

Build an 8x7 Tudor-style garden shed with this comprehensive plan from BuildEazy. If you're looking for a larger shed, there are plans available for you to build this same style of shed in a 10x10 size.

Use the links at the bottom of the shed plan to go through all the steps of building this shed.

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