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Free Senseo Coffee Maker


This freebie offer is no longer available. Please visit About.com Freebies for future offers like this one.

Sara Lee Coffee & Tea and Phillips North America are running a promotion that allows you to get a Senseo single cup coffee maker for free. If you are lucky enough to live close to one of their live events you can just take your old coffee maker and trade it in.

If there is no event in your area you can still get a Senseo coffee maker but you need to do a bit of work and pay $15 in shipping. However, if you are a coffee lover in need of a good cup at a time coffee maker it's still a great deal.

You will need to upload a photo showing a creative use of your old coffee maker and pay the $15 shipping and handling.

I didn't get my Senseo for free, but I got a big discount on it in a round about way. I had a coupon for a free HomeCafe machine. I used it a Walmart and got my HomeCafe by just paying the tax. Unfortunately, my HomeCafe machine was a lemon and leaked the first time I tried to use it.

I returned the faulty machine to Walmart and they offered a gift card instead of an exchange. I gladly accepted the gift card since I had two other broken HomeCafe machines at home that I had received from other free offers. I then used the gift card to get my big discount on the Senseo machine. I use the Senseo every day and love it.

I bet the folks reviewing those photos would get a kick out out of a picture of my two broken HomeCafe machines being used for other puposes. I think I'm going to grab my camera and earn myself a Senseo to take to the office!

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