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Free MP3 and Free Music CDs

Get your free MP3 and standard music CDs here. Some sites offer free legal MP3 files and some offer good old audio CDs.

Free MP3 Downloads from Amazon.com

You can still easily find the free mp3 downloads by doing a search in their mp3 section. You can enter your search manually if you like, but here ...

Relax for Free

Life is rushed, full of stress, and sometimes a real pain in the neck. We all need a way to relax. McMaster University provides four free relaxation scripts as downloadable MP3 files.

Free Tim Janis Music CD Download

For a limited time, Tim Janis is offering a free download of the entire albulm "The Promise" as a zip file containing 160 bit/sec MP3 files. The download normally sells for $7 on the site or $9.99 on iTunes. There is no DRM restrictions on the files so you can play them on your computer and any MP3 device.

Free Old Time Radio Show MP3 Downloads

RadioLovers.com has assembled thousands of old time radio show mp3 downloads and made them available for free. You can find everything from the Abbott & Costello comedy show to the X Minus 1 science fiction show. These would make great drive time fodder for your iPod or other MP3 player.

Free Audio from the Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project

The University of California, Santa Barbara Library has taken on the mission of digitizing as many of turn of the century recordings as possilbe and has made them avalilabe for free.

Free Audio from the Internet Audio Archive

Need more files for your iPod? Tired of listening to those save CDs over and over? Sick of those radio stations that play the same songs time after time after time after ...? You may just be ready to start exploring the free audio available from the Internet Audio Archive.

Music Lab MP3 Downloads

Columbia University is conducting a study on how people form opinions about music. All you need to do is listen to part of a song then click to rate the music. For each song your rate you get the choice to download the MP3 file.

20,000 Free MP3 Music Files

Finding legal free MP3 music files to download can be time consuming since you usually only find a few here and there. Fortunately for free music addicts there is now one place to feed the need for free MP3 files by the thousands.

Free Mozart Symphony MP3 Files

The Danish Broadcasting Corporation offers free downloads of nine Mozart Symphonies in MP3 Format. The music is played by the Danish National Radio Symphony Orchestra.

Amazon Free Music Downloads

Amazon.com offers a couple thousand free music downloads. You can download one or two songs from CDs in about twenty categories covering just about all music tastes. The files are in MP3 format and are free of any digital rights management so you can burn them to CD or copy them to your portable MP3 player.

Legal MP3 Downloads

Download.com offers a very large selection of free legal MP3 downloads. (International)

Darkwave/Goth Music CD

When you subscribe to the Asleep by Dawn music magazine/catalog you also get a free Goth music CD. Note that some content may not be suitable for minors. (US, Canada or International if you pay shipping)

New Artist CDs Free + $2 Shipping

StealMyMusic.com distributes CDs from new artists for just the cost of shipping. Shipping in the US is as low as $2 if you choose USPS delivery. You can listen to samples online before you order. (International)

Free Music - Grab some great free music

With the invention of the MP3 music file format, and the rise of the Napster MP3 file sharing network, there has been a craze to acquire more and more free music.

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