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Play Free Online Games

Free online games are sites that allow you to play games online for free. Everything from cards and trivia to action and adventure games. Have some fun for free!
  1. Car Games (12)
  2. Free Online Games for Kids (9)
  3. Time Waster Games (13)

Best Places to Find Free Games Online
Find the best free games online at these websites.

The Top 50 Time Wasters
A big list of time wasting websites.

Free Car Games
A big list of the car games that you can play online for free.

Sandlot's Free Game of the Week
Get a free, full-version game each week through Sandlot's Free Game of the Week program.

Play Same Game for Free
Play all of these Same Game variations online for free.

Play the Original Pacman Online For Free
Flash Pacman is a free Flash-based version of the traditional Pacman game.

Play Zork Online For Free
Find out how to play Zork online and what Zork commands you can use to solve the puzzle.

Free Online Word Finds
Free online games that are word find puzzles.

The Best Places to Play Free Jigsaw Puzzles
A list of websites that let you play free jigsaw puzzles.

Take a Free Online Typing Tests
Free online typing tests to test your accuracy and speed.

An online game that's a mix of Pacman and Qix.

Three Fun Flash Games
A pick of three great flash games.

Free Games for the Brain
Workout that brain with these mind-bending free online games.

Free Sudoku puzzles
Challenge your mind with an essentially infinate number of free Sudoku puzzles.

Free Wordoku Puzzles
Similar to Sudoku but with letters.

Free Online Mahjongg Game
Play the classic game of Mahjongg online for free.

A fun puzzle game you can play online for free.

Helicopter Games
A free and simple helicopter game.

Runescape is a free multiplayer adventure game.

Absolutist Online Games
A nice little collection of fun online games. I particularly liked Bubble Shooter and Square Assembler.

ArcadeTown.com offers shooting games, arcade games, board games, puzzle games, sports games and multiplayer games. Most can be played online, but some need to be downloaded to play.

Arcade Village
Arcade Village has a number of very simple but fun and challenging games. You'll not find your 3D dream game here, but you will have fun.

Bubbletoonia World of Fun
Bubbletoonia has a collection of very original, fast loading and fun Flash based games.

By-art.com Puzzle Games
By-art.com has a small but fun selection of puzzle games. Be sure to try Lines -- it is more challenging than it looks.

Case's Ladder
An enormous free multiplayer gaming network with over 100 games and over 800,000 players.

Coffee Break Arcade
A large and varied collection of links to quality and fun online games. Most are Shockwave, Java or Flash based games and will work with most modern browsers with appropriate plugins.

These free online games really are for the birds! All these are completely free and no registration is required to do so.

CRpuzzles is an online puzzle magazine that will keep the puzzle lover busy for many hours.

Eyetricks.com offers a variety of optical illusions, brainteasers and unique games.

Fiends.com Java Games
Fiends has a small, but high quality set of games and toys to keep you amused for many hours. There is something here for everyone -- multiplayer adventure, MUD, puzzle, shooter, and some interesting toys.

Lots of fast fun Java based arcade games, puzzle games, sports games, card games and more.

GameHouse offers fifty or so original games. You can play the single player games without registering, but you must register (free) for multiplayer games.

GameScene has a large selection of quality Shockwave games. Be sure to try Astroball, Something Fishy, and Dogs Playing Poker.

GameSpy Arcade
GameSpy Arcade offers over 250 games. You need to download their software. They have fee based offerings too, but you can play a lot of the games for free.

Grump Solitaire
If you like solitaire but are looking for something a little more challenging and exciting, you will want to try Grump. You can play against three computer opponents and also compete for top scores with other players.

If you miss the good old days of massive text adventure games or you have never experienced the head scratching challenges of classic interactive fiction, this site is for you. They offer 264 games in 45 categories.

ItsYourTurn.com offers free turn based games including: Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, Battleship, Stack4, Reversi, Pente, and Go-Moku.

MSN Gaming Zone
Most of the action on this site requires a fee, but they do have a selection of board and card games that are free.

They have a variety of fun games and many have chances to win prizes. You need a little patience to navigate this site as they take you through several pages to get to the games. Requires the free Shockwave plugin.

Ferry Halim puts his artistic talents and original game ideas together with his Flash 4 authoring abilities to create very original, beautiful and fun games. My favorites include Perilous Journey, Snowbowling and Among the Clouds.

play.vg has a large collection of online games and specializes in classic arcade fun. Most of the games are hosted off-site, but its still a great place to go to find the best classic arcade games linked all in one place.

PlayingWeb.com offers more than 140 free games in 12 categories. The site and games seem to load fast.

Formorly TEN (Total Entertainment Network). Pogo offers board, card, casino, trivia, bingo, word games, and classic arcade games. Some games offer prizes. (US or Canada except Quebec and over 18 for prizes)

Learn about stock trading without risking your money in this very well designed stock market simulation game.

Smile Games
A fun selection of "old school" arcade type games including many classics similar to Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Galaga, and much more.

The Station
Sony runs this online gaming site and offers games such as Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune and more. Many have live multiplayer options.

Unit9 Games
Unit9 Ltd. has some offbeat but fun Flash games that can be played online or downloaded. My favorite is "The Fly Experience" (forth from the bottom).

Yahoo! Games
Yahoo! has a very active games area featuring all java based games including card games, board games and more.

Click on the "products" link at the top then the "demo" link at the bottom of the next page. They offer a very nice collection of games. If you like breakout type games, be sure to try Balls n' Walls. Mixed Up adds a nice twist to picture puzzle games.

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