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Flash Pacman Screen shot by Stacy Fisher

The original Pacman game is now online as a flash game called Flash Pacman. No longer do you have to trek down to an arcade because you can play Flash Pacman right from the comfort of your own home.

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How To Play Flash Pacman:

Visit Flash Pacman and click Play Game to get started.

Flash Pacman plays just as the original Pacman does.

You'll use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move Pacman around the screen. The up arrow moves him up, the down arrow moves him down, the right arrow moves him right, and the left arrow moves him left.

To avoid dying in Pacman, you'll want to avoid the ghosts. If they touch you, you die. You have three lives before the game is over.

You get points in Pacman by eating the dots which is also how you complete the level. Eat the big flashing dots for even more points and to turn the ghosts into your prey. Eat a ghost while it's blue and not only will you earn points, but you also eliminate that ghost from the level.

After your game's over you can enter your name to the Pacman high score board.

What I Think About Flash Pacman:

How can I not like Flash Pacman? It brings back some great memories and never gets old for me. I could play Flash Pacman over and over again and choose it as one of my top favorite online games.

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