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Zork is a text-based interactive adventure game that was written in the late 1970's. What Zork lacks for in graphics it makes up in the rich story line and mystery of not just the plot, but trying to figure out how to go about playing the game.

Keep reading to find out how to play Zork and some tips and tricks to help you finish the game.

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How To Play Zork:

Visit Zork and read the text on the screen. This will tell you how many people are currently playing and will throw you into the game.

My suggestion on how to first approach this game is by just trying out some text commands. Type a command and press the Enter key on your keyboard to input it. You'll either get a response that makes sense with the storyline, something humorous, or "I don't understand that."

Type HELP to get a list of some of the commands that can be used. Here are a few that I feel are quite helpful:

LOGIN - lets you login or create an acount
SAVE - allows you to save your game
RESET - lets you start the game over
INVENTORY - gives you a list of items you have
LOOK - describes your surroundings
DIAGNOSE - tells you about your injuries

There are also some great tips here on containment and fighting as well as some great hints on how to get the most out of your text commands.

Zork Tips and Tricks:

If you find yourself a little stuck in Zork, take a look at this Zork command list. This will hopefully get you unstuck and back into the game.

If you find yourself really stuck, then take a peek at this Zork walk through. Don't ruin the fun though, no peeking until you're really stuck!

What I Think About Zork:

I love Zork. I remember when the only type of computer games I had access to were text adventures and Zork brings back a lot of fond memories. Also, the storyline is fantastic. There was some real thought and love put into this game and it shows.

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