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Free Games for the Brain

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Nintendo has caught the attention of casual gamers and even non-gamers with Brain Age for the Nintendo DS. But, since many of us don't have the Dual Screen gaming device, Philipp Lenssen brings you free Games for the Brain. Games for the Brain is a progressive set of fun and free mini games that let you exercise your brain while you think you are just having fun.

Games for the Brain has over thirty games, you can start at the first game and progress through them in sequence or you can pick and choose the games you want to play.

As you finish each game you are given a score which is added to your cumulative "IQ" score. Most of the games are timed and if you wait too long to answer you will lose points. This helps keep you involved and keeps your brain working.

The site offers a very nice variety of challenges and does of good job of making you think and forcing you to use some of those spare brain cells that usually just sit there doing nothing.

The games are written in JavaScript and should run in any modern browser on any operating system including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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