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Free Online Mahjongg Game

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There are many Mahjongg games around the Net, but I particularly enjoy this one by Thomas Weibel. It is written entirely in DHTML and should work with any browser and operating system. After the page is fully loaded you can even continue playing if you disconnect from the Internet. Head on over to the Mahjongg Solitaire page and give it a try.

There are quite a few options you can set with the buttons at the bottom of the page. You can change from the traditional tile set to one with playing cards. If the display is too small for your taste you can click on the zoom button and play with a much larger board.

Be sure to try the different tile layouts. I like to play the one that is a simple 8x9 square and two tiles high. It is more challenging than it first appears.

If you get stuck and can't find a move you can use the hint button to show you an available move. If you just want to know how many possible moves there are you can click on the moves button. If you need information on how to play the game just click on the help button.

Mr. Weibel has done a fantastic job of creating a clean and efficiently programmed game that will keep you playing. I would have finished this article much sooner if I could have resisted playing "just one more game."

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