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5 Places To Play Same Game for Free

Play SameGame Tile Removal Puzzles Online for Free


Same Game is a fast-paced puzzle game where the goal is to remove all the tiles from the screen with the fewest clicks possible and in the fastest time. Every Same Game is a little different and some have different twists such as bombs and row/column destroyers that will quickly get rid of tiles.

How To Play Same Game: You start playing Same Game by finding a group of two or more tiles that go together and click or double-click on them. They'll be removed from the game screen and the tiles above will fall into place. Keep clicking on groups of tiles until you've cleared the Same Game screen.

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1. Same Game at Big Fish Games

Same Game
© Big Fish Games

Same Game at Big Fish Games has a great look to it and features the classic Same Game tiles. An added twist is that on every level you have 3 bombs that can be used to remove those frustrating stray tiles.

Keep an eye on the bar above your Same Game score - if you want to stay in the game you'll need to finish the level you're on before the timer runs out.

2. Same Game at Pixel

Same Game
© Pixel

In this classic version of Same Game you'll need to clear the game screen of tiles before you run out of time and clicks. If you think you did great at the game, be sure to submit it to the high score board when you're finished playing.

For a different twist on Same Game, check out SameGame Hexagonized at Pixel. There are bonus items such as row/column destroyers and bombs to make the game a little more interesting.

3. Same Game at Fact Monster

Same Game
© Fact Monster

Same Game at Fact Monster is a very simple game of Same Game that features spheres you'll need to group and click to clear.

There aren't too many options here, just a few counters to keep track of your click score and total score.

4. Same Game Charged at Pictogame

Same Game
© Pictogame

Same Game Charged is a traditional Same Game in the sense that you remove groups of tiles, or in this case, balls.

Same Game Charged is different from the other run-of-the-mill Same Games because balls are continuously dropped down so it's not possible to clear the screen. The goal with Same Game Charged is to clear as many balls as you can to get the high score.

5. Same Game Letters at Java Boutique

Same Game
© Java Boutique

The Same Game at Java Boutique has tiles that feature letters and colors. As you play you can keep track of your score.

Try handing this Same Game over to the kids. They'll have fun while working on learning their colors and letters.

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