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51 Time Wasters (Updated for 2014)

The Top Free Time Waster Sites Online


The time wasters you'll find below are really much more than a way to pass the time. You'll have a blast spending any amount of time on these whether it be for five minutes or four hours.

All the time wasters below are safe for work and they're all interactive. You won't find videos or funny cat pictures on this list but you will find a ton of games, puzzles, and some sites that are so odd, they'll demand that you waste some time exploring them.

After you've taken a look at these time wasters check out my list of of the best online gaming websites for more online fun.

1. 2048

2048 Game Screenshot

Do you enjoy number games? If so, 2048 will quickly become your favorite time waster. I wasted nearly an hour of perfectly good time the first time I played 2048.

Using only your keyboard's arrow keys, move the numbered tiles around together. Once two of the same numbers are next to each other and can slide together, they're added up. Keep going, with the ultimate goal of making a 2048 tile.

2048 can also be played via the web browser on your phone from this link. Yes, you can slide the numbers around with your finger!

Note: 2048 is very similar to, but not associated with, the 1024 iTunes game and the very popular THREES, available for both Android and iTunes.

Play 2048 for Free

2. Filler

Time Wasters
Screen shot by Stacy Fisher

Filler has got to be one of my all time favorite time wasters. The goal of the game is simple, you need to click to create filler balls so you can fill up 2/3 of the screen before you can move on to the next level. Avoid the bouncy balls because they will pop any filler balls that you're filling up.

This time waster is so much and I guarantee it will get you through a slow afternoon or a boring evening.

3. Totem Destroyer

Time Wasters
Screen shot by Stacy Fisher

Totem Destroyer is a challenging and fun time waster that uses physics as a big part of its game play.

See if you can keep the idol from falling as you destroy the required number of blocks. Warning - the levels get more and more challenging and sometimes you'll need to work very quickly.

4. Magic Pen

Time Wasters
Screen shot by Stacy Fisher

Magic Pen is a very fun time waster for adults that might remind you of your childhood days because your weapon of choice is a crayon. With your crayon you'll need to draw lines and circles on the screen to help your ball touch all the flags on the level.

This time waster is a physics game as well so keep that in mind as you're trying to solve the levels.

5. Lunchtimers

Time Wasters
Screen shot by Stacy Fisher

Lunchtimers is a time waster where you're given a set of letters that look like a throwback to those magnetic alphabet letters you use to play with on mom's fridge.

The twist to this time waster is that you're not the only one playing, there are other people online trying to create their own words and phrases. Will you work together to create new words or are you one who steals others letters to create your own poetic masterpiece?

6. Falling Sand Game

Time Wasters
Screen shot by Stacy Fisher

The Falling Sand Game is a deceptively simple looking time waster. You have sand, water, salt and oil falling from the sky and you get to build walls, start fires and add plant material to see how everything interacts with each other.

This is a truly addictive time waster that will have you wasting time you didn't even know you had.

7. Canabalt

Time Wasters
Screen shot by Stacy Fisher

Canabalt is a very addictive time waster with a simple concept. You're on the run and you find yourself above the city jumping from roof to roof. How far can you make it before you fall?

You'll spend countless hours on this time waster - I'm warning you, it's really going to suck you in!

8. Acrobots

Time Wasters
Screen shot by Stacy Fisher

There's nothing to win in this time waster, no princess to save or level to complete. Acrobots is a unique game where you move around these little creatures and see how they interact with each other.

Acrobots is a great time waster that will keep you busy until work is over.

9. Excit!

Time Wasters
Screen shot by Stacy Fisher

This is definitely a work safe time waster because believe it or not, it's a game about spreadsheets.

In the time waster, Excit! you'll need to use the arrow keys on your computer to get to the green square to clear the level and move on to a more challenging one.

10. Pop Bubble Wrap

Time Wasters
Screen shot by Stacy Fisher

Remember how fun it was to pop bubble wrap as a kid? Well this time waster won't let you forget!

Be sure to try out manic mode to see just how fast you can pop all those bubbles.

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