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29 Free Twilight Games

A List of Free Twilight Dress Up, Makeover, Puzzle, and Trivia Games


21. Edward Cullen's Fashionable Late

Screen shot by Stacy Fisher

In this Twilight game, Edward Cullen is running late for Bella's graduation party!

Help Edward choose what to wear so he can make a grand entrance at the party.

22. Kristen Stewart Makeover Twilight Game

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Another Kristen Stewart makeover Twilight game waits for you!

Choose Kristen's hair, makeup, clothes and accessories to give her a complete makeover.

23. Twilight Slide Puzzle

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Slide around the puzzle pieces in this Twilight game to complete the picture of Edward and Bella.

Try this puzzle again and again to see if you can beat your best time.

24. Twilight Kisses New Moon

Screen shot by Stacy Fisher

Can you kiss Edward without getting caught by Jacob?

See which guy Bella likes to kiss the best in this flirty Twilight kissing game.

25. Kristen Stewart Puzzle

Screen shot by Stacy Fisher

In this Twilight game, Kristen Stewart is all mixed up. Perhaps it's because she just can't choose between Edward and Jacob!

You can help Kristen get her head in the right place in this Kristen Stewart puzzle game.

26. Twilight New Moon Coloring

Screen shot by Stacy Fisher

Color in this very cool image of Edward, Jacob, Bella and the wolf pack in this Twilight game.

Use all the colors in this online coloring page from Twilight New Moon.

27. MTV Twilight Quiz

Screen shot by Stacy Fisher

This Twilight game is a Twilight quiz from the people over at MTV.

Answer all the questions and compare your score with your friends to prove that you're the ultimate Twilight fan.

28. Edward & Bella Dress Up

Screen shot by Stacy Fisher

Edward and Bella are happy and in love. In this Twilight game, you'll need to get them dressed up and ready for a date.

Where do you think Edward and Bella should go on their date?

29. New Moon: Which Team Are You On? Quiz

Screen shot by Stacy Fisher

In this 15 question quiz, you'll be asked questions about the perfect boy for you.

At the end you'll find out whether you should be on Team Edward or Team Jacob.

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