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Free National Park Pass for Military Families


Free National Park Pass Military Photo: Ryan McVay / Getty Images

Active duty military members and their families will want to take advantage of this military freebie that will get them a free annual pass to more than 2,000 national parks all over the country.

Tip: Everyone can into national parks for free during the many national park free days that happen during the year.

Who Qualifies for the Free National Park Pass:

Active duty military members will be named the pass owner and all the accompanying passengers within their vehicle will be let into the national parks for free. This includes the pass owner and 3 adults 16 or older. Children 15 and under are always free.

Applying for the Free National Park Pass:

Members of the military will need to pick up their free national park pass in person at these national park entrances. You'll need to show your military ID to get the pass.

More information can be found at the USGS's website about the free pass.

Free National Park Pass Restrictions:

The free national park pass will be give only to active military members, not veterans or retirees. Low-cost senior passes and free access passes are available to those who qualify.

Fees may still apply for camping, boating, and other park activities.

The pass is non-transferable.

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