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Updated for National Park Free Days 2014

National parks offer free days several times a year so you and your family can get out and enjoy a national park for free. Over 100 national parks participate in the national parks free days.

Not only do you get into the national park for free on these dates, often times there are special events going on as well.

Tip: If you or your family member is in the military you can get a free annual national park pass.

When Are the National Parks Free Days:

These are the national parks free days for 2014:

What Parks Participate In National Parks Free Days:

Visit the list of participating parks that are organized by state.

You'll just need to show up on the national park free day to get free entrance into the parks.

What the National Parks Free Days Will and Won't Get You:

The national parks free days include free entrance into the park, free commercial tours, and free transportation entrance.

It does not include reservation fees, camping tours, concessions, and other fees collection by third parties.

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