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How To Get Free Walmart Samples

Find Out How To Get Free Walmart Samples Of the Products You Love


If you love getting freebies, you'll love getting free Walmart samples. Companies love to give Walmart samples and Walmart loves to pass them on to you in hopes that you'll love the free sample so much you'll want to rush back in to buy it.

Below, you'll find two different ways to get Walmart samples. So get started - they're yours for the taking! After you've tried out a few of the Walmart samples come back and tell me about your favorite Walmart sample.

1. Get Walmart Samples From Walmart.com

Walmart Samples
© Walmart

You can get Walmart samples from the comfort of your own home by requesting them from the free sample program on Walmart.com.

New Walmart samples are posted weekly and sometimes even daily and they're yours for the taking. You'll need to just fill out a simple form giving them your name and mailing address and then a few weeks later you'll get your Walmart sample in the mail.

Walmart samples given out on their website in the past have included coffee, shampoo, makeup, diapers, medicine, greeting cards, cereal, and snack foods.

2. Get Walmart Samples From Your Local Walmart

Walmart Samples
Photo: Getty Images / Justin Sullivan

Another way to get Walmart samples is to visit your local Walmart during a free sample event.

This means you'll have to get out of your house to get your Walmart samples but it also means that you can get many more samples because Walmart stores usually give out free samples every weekend.

Walmart samples given out in the past at Walmart stores have included food, beverages, and personal care items. In fact, almost any item you can buy at Walmart has been given out as a Walmart sample!

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