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Free Patriotic Bracelet

From a little girl with a big heart


This is about a free bracelet, but there is much more to the story than that of a typical free trinket. This is about a young lady (Jenessa Alexis) who was 12 when she started out just wanting to do something to support her uncle who is serving in Iraq and has ended up supplying over 300,000 patriotic bracelets for free to any who requested them.

Jenessa has organized others to help her make the Harms Way 4 Kids bracelets and has secured donated materials. She has appeared on the Tonight Show and has visited the troops and their families at Fort Hood.

I always ask that you only request freebies that you are going to use and it I'm making a strong request here that if you are going to request a free bracelet, you wear it in support of the troops and their families.

Also, if you have the means and are so inclined, please consider making a donation to Jenessa's work to help pay shipping and other expenses.

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