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Free Dove Ultimate Clear Deodorant Sample


Offer Description:

Unilever is offering a free sample of Dove Ultimate Clear Deodorant.

How to get the free sample:

Visit the Dove site and click on the free sample link at the bottom right. Fill out your contact information and a short survey. They ask for your phone number but you can leave it blank.

Offer Availability:

The offer is available to US residents 18 and older. Dove offers are usually live for a good while, but as with all free sample offers, the offer could end at any time.

What are risks in requesting the free sample?:

The offer is being made by Unilever through StartSampling. I've not had excess mailings as a result of requesting offers from either of these companies in the past, but it won't hurt to use a junk email address. The form asks for your phone number but it is not required for the form submission to work.

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