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Garnier Free Sample Offers


Offer Description:

This free sample offer has expired. Please visit the new free sample page to find out the latest free samples.

Garnier almost always has a free sample offer for one or more of their products. It's a good idea to check periodically for new offers.

How to get the free samples:

Visit the Garnier site and click on the "Get Lucky" link at the upper right. You may get a pop-up window or there may be links to click for a free sample offer. Fill in the form and any survey questions. You will probably need to scroll to see the entire form. The site uses a Flash interface and it is easy to miss the non-standard looking scrollbar in their forms.

Offer Availability:

The free sample offers are available to US residents and may change at any time.

What are risks in requesting the free sample?:

As usual, I suggest using an approximate birthdate. They ask for your phone number. I'm never anxious to give out my phone number so I usually provide the number for the phone company's information service.

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