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Teacher Freebies

Teachers are often frustrated by a lack of funds to help students learn. Check here for free materials, resources and services for educators.

Free Word Search Makers
A list of the best make-your-own word search tools, a must-have in any classroom.

570 Word Search Puzzles
A teacher's dream - over 500 word search puzzles all in one place. And all for free.

Free Human Genome Poster
The Human Genome Project Information Web site is offering a free poster. Although this offer would be great for the classroom, anyone can order the free poster.

Free Posters from the NIDA
The National Institute on Drug Abuse is offering a variety of free posters. Although the free posters are great for the classroom, anyone in the US can order them. You can order multiple copies of each free poster for schools or other orginizations. The target audience is listed with each poster.

Free Posters from the USEPA
The USEPA is offering a variety of free posters. Although the free posters are great for the classroom, anyone in the US can order them. You can order up to five free posters. Many of the posters are available in English or Spanish versions.

Dive and Discover Resources
The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution offers a free poster, CD-ROM, other resources to teachers for incorporating Dive and Discover in the Classroom. (US)

Body Worlds Instructional Materials
The Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago is offering a free instructional packed including a DVD, poster and information cards for educators. (US)

Forest Educational Materials
International Paper offers free materials in their "Life of the Forest" educational site that you can use as research sources or teaching guides. Click on the order link on the left. (US)

Materials to Promote Nursing
DiscoverNursing.com offers a number of materials for educators and others that may want to promote nursing careers. (US)

iLoveSchools.com Matches Teacher Needs to Donors
iLoveSchools.com offers a totally free service where teachers can post a list of materials they need for their classroom and donors can search for schools to which they can make donations.

George Washington Education Kit
Teachers can request a free kit that includes a 30-page Teacher Resource Guide and a full-color museum quality poster reproduction of the Lansdowne portrait of George Washington. (US)

Full Color Printable Bookmarks
BasketBizHelp.com has some nice color bookmarks that teachers can print for their students. (International)

K-2 Reader materials
Starfall is offering materials to aid in teaching reading in K-2 classes. Teachers can get the materials mailed for free and parents and homeschoolers can download the materials. (US)

The Idea Book for Educators
A&E Television Networks has several free teacher resources including this biannual magazine with teacher's guides for programs featured in A&E Classroom.

American School and University Magazine
This more for school administrators than for teachers, but you can pass it on to the appropriate people. School and university administrators can register for a free subscription. (US, Canada)

Free Lesson Kit to Teach Kids Responsible Pet Ownership
CareFRESH Critter College teaches students in grades 4-7 how to care for small pets. Teacher can order a free kit that includes lesson plans, student worksheets and a DVD series.

Converge Magazine Subscription
Teachers who are interested in using technology in education can request a free subscription to this publication. (US)

Math Flashcard Creator
Aplusmath.com has an online tool that lets you create and print your own math flashcards. The also have other nice resources to help students with basic math. (international)

Us Military Band CDs and Tapes
This site explains how schools can request free recordings by US military bands. (US)

Free Teachingaids.com
Educators Progress Service has a large variety of printed guides to free resources for teachers. They offer sample lists of free offers when you register.

School Express
School Express has 2,000 free worksheets plus a variety of other free online or downloadable resources. (international)

Education.com offers a wealth of resources and community features to help you help students learn. (international)

100+ Free Motivational Posters
A wide variety of online posters which can be printed in a 5x7 format. A random sampling showed them to be of high quality. (international)

Arithmetic Worksheets
S&S Software has free online whole number arithmetic worksheets that are updated weekly. (international)

Eric Database Resources
Both online and printed resources to help teachers get the most our of the Eric Database. (US for printed materials)

Funding Opportunities
From the US Department of Education (US)

The Gateway to Educational Materials
A vast database of educational resources from the U.S. Department of Education's National Library of Education. You can search or browser by subject or keywords. (international)

Government Education Resources
Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE) is an incredible collection of US government educational resources.

Grades 1-6 Lessons
Scholastic.com has a variety of lessons that can be printed and reproduced for your class.

Grant Information
The Foundation Center provides information on how and where to get grant money. (US)

Free materials and lessons plans to qualifying schools from GOJO Industries, Inc. (US)

History Channel
The History Channel will send you teaching materials and they also have resources online. (US)

LA Coast Free Offers
Teachers can request a variety of items in support of wetlands education from the Louisiana Coastal Restoration Web Site. (US)

Learning with Mysteries
MysteryNet has online lesson plans and ideas to help you use mysteries to teach and motivate students. (international)

Free professionally produced downloadable worksheets, activities and lesson plans for the elementary school level. You need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. (international)

Lesson Kits
Teach Free offers free lesson kits for K-12 to public and private school teachers. (US)

Lesson Plans and Resources
TeachersFirst offers a wide range on online lesson plans and resources for K-12. (international)

Mathematics Worksheet Factory
Create unlimited math worksheets. You can download and use the lite version for free. And the full version is very inexpensive. (international)

Owl & Mouse Software Projects
Lots of fun and educational projects, many including free software. (international)

Personal Educational Press
Create and print flash cards, game boards and other educational aids for free. (international)

Primary Drug Education Materials
First Grade Plus offers a free program to help K-3 teachers present an anti drug message. (US)

Several free booklets and a variety of online resources are available that address learning differences. Also includes many recourses for parents. (international)

Texas Instruments Math Resources
Texas Instruments has some great resources for teachers and parents. (international)

Free Software For Interactive Whiteboards
Daydream Education has a great selection of free interactive software that's compatible with whiteboards.

Educators can request a free educational edition DVD of the documentary "Switch" which teachers kids about energy issues around the world.

Learn How to Type for Free
A free resources that will help teach you how to type.

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