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Clorox Clean Up the Classroom Multimedia kit for Teachers


Offer Description:

The Clorox Company is offering a free "Clean Up the Classroom" multimedia kit for teachers. The free kit includes a DVD, poster, and guide. You also receive a free canister of Clorox Disinfecting Wipes. This free offer can be requested by or on behalf of teachers.

How to get the free offer:

Visit the Clorox Clean Up the Classroom site and click on the register link.

Offer Availability:

This offer is for teachers in the Unites States. The teacher can request the offer or someone can nominate a teacher to receive the free offer. You may order on kit per classroom while supplies last.

What are risks in requesting this free teacher offer?:

The Clorox Company states that they don't sell your contact information and I would not expect to receive excessive mailing from them. It is still always a good practice to avoid using your primary email address for Internet registrations.

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