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14 Free Word Search Makers

Make Your Own Word Search Puzzles With These Free Word Search Makers


These free word search makers make it easy to create your own word search puzzles.

Whether you're creating a word search puzzle for kids, adults, or yourself, you'll find these free word search makers easy to use and they'll leave you with a great custom word search puzzle.

1. Discovery PuzzleMaker's Free Word Search Maker

Free Word Search Maker
© Discovery

The free word search maker through Discovery Puzzlemaker makes word search puzzles in 6 easy steps.

This word search maker lets you decide on the size of the puzzle which can go up to 40 letters by 40 letters and still fit on a page but they recommend using 15 letters by 15 letters. You also get to choose to make the word search more difficult by sharing letters as often as possible.

When you're done, you can create the word search puzzle as HTML, text or lowercase text.

2. Word Search Maker at A to Z Teacher Stuff

Free Word Search Maker
© A to Z Teacher Stuff

There are quite a few options for this free word search maker so you can really customize what the final word search puzzle will look like.

You can set the placement of the word list, the numbers of rows and columns and the style of the grid and font. You can also choose the word placement to make the word search puzzle easier or more challenging.

The final puzzle from this word search maker is a nice looking puzzle that even has a place for a name and date.

3. Teachnology's Word Search Maker

Free Word Search Maker
© Teachnology

If you're looking for a free simple word search maker that will make you a quick puzzle without any hassles then this should be your pick.

All you need to do is enter a title and the words to get your word search puzzle. It's a very nice looking puzzle that's created and it has a place on the top for a name and date.

4. PuzzleFast Word Search Maker

Free Word Search Maker
© PuzzleFast

I love the free word search maker at PuzzleFast because it so easy to use! You can make a word search in just a few minutes time and the answer sheet is printed out right along with the puzzle.

Besides being a free word search maker, you can also make your own crosswords, word jumbles, and matching worksheets with PuzzleFast.

5. Word Search Maker at Learning Planet

Free Word Search Maker
© Learning Planet

Learning Planet has a very nice free word search maker tool that will get you a word search puzzle in just five steps.

The final step of the word search maker will let you add a space for a student's name and choose a design to decorate your puzzle with.

6. SuperKids Free Word Search Maker

Free Word Search Maker
© SuperKids

The SuperKids free word search maker requires that you enter your words, choose a grid height and width and decide whether you want an easier puzzle that contains no backwards words.

The final word search puzzle is very nice looking and makes a great puzzle for a kid or adult to complete.

7. ProProfs' Word Search Maker

Free Word Search Maker
© ProProfs'

The free word search maker at ProProfs creates a word search puzzle that's completed online instead of being printed.

You'll get to input the words for the word search puzzle, the title, a description and keywords. You'll also get to choose a difficulty level and the maximum time a user has to complete the word search puzzle.

You'll have to register before you can use the word search maker at ProProfs.

8. Word Search Maker at Teacherly

Free Word Search Maker
© Teacherly

If you're looking for a free word search maker that will let you create a simple word search puzzle in a matter of minutes then don't miss out on this word search maker from Teacherly.

You'll love how the word search puzzle is created before your eyes while you enter your words. You can also set the difficultly level for the puzzle before you print it.

9. Word Search Maker at EdCreate.com

Free Word Search Maker
© EdCreate.com

The free word search maker at EdCreate.com is very easy to use. Simply enter the page title, number of letters across and down, the directions you want the words to go and the words you want to be included in the final word search puzzle.

The word search puzzle that's created after you choose your options looks great and is fun to use in the classroom or just for fun.

10. ABCya! Free Word Search Maker

Free Word Search Maker
© ABCya!

This is a nice Flash based word search maker that helps you create an online word search puzzle in 3 easy steps.

You can enter up to 15 words in this free word search puzzle and then challenge a friend to find them in this fun word search puzzle game.

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