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The Best Free Valentine Ecards to Send This Valentine's Day


Updated for Valentine's Day 2013

Free Valentine ecards are a quick yet meaningful way to send everyone you know a special Valentine's Day message that will let them know how much they mean to you.

Whether you're looking for a card for your significant other, a friend, or a child in your life, you'll find just what you're looking for in this list of free Valentine ecards.

If you're looking for a free Valentine card to send in the mail, see my list of free printable Valentine Day cards. I also have a lot of other Valentine's Day freebies you'll want to check out.

1. One Heart by Pingg

Free Valentine Ecards
Photo © Pingg

One Heart by Pingg is a playful free Valentine ecard that will remind you of school-aged crushes.

In this free Valentine ecard, pink chalk is used to draw a heart and it's up to you to add your own valentine message.

2. Let's Get Together by Kindlime

Free Valentine Ecards
Photo © Kindlime

Let's Get Together is an adorable free Valentine ecard that features a fried egg and some bacon with the message Let's Get Together!

This free Valentine ecard would be perfect to send to anyone this year - but especially someone who can appreciate the quirkiness of it.

3. Candy Hearts by Pingg

Free Valentine Ecards
Photo © Pingg

How can you not at least love the idea of those little candy conversation hearts?

This Valentine ecard embraces them with a picture of conversation hearts and a place for you to enter your title and valentine message.

4. Hearts by Pingg

Free Valentine Ecards
Photo © Pingg

Hearts by Pingg is a free Valentine ecard that can be personalized with your own photo, title, and message.

This Valentine ecard is set against a pretty pink background and features heart balloons in pink and brown.

5. Rose Petal Heart by Pingg

Free Valentine Ecards
Photo © Pingg

This free Valentine ecard features a heart formed out of soft pink rose petals.

Enter your own custom valentine message to complete this pretty in pink free Valentine ecard.

6. Heart in Sand by Pingg

Free Valentine Ecards
Photo © Pingg

If you love the beach, you're going to want to send this free Valentine ecard to someone special.

A heart is drawn in wet sand and it's up to you what message you'd like to send along with the beautiful photo in this free Valentine ecard.

7. Make Me Sing by Hipster Cards

Free Valentine Ecards
Photo © Hipster Cards

Hipster Cards has an adorable free Valentine ecard available that features pink and red hearts with the message You Make My Heart Sing. Happy Valentine's Day.

Add your own custom message to this free Valentine ecard before sending it so you can let your valentine know just how much they mean to you.

8. Love Heart Bunting by Jenny Arnott

Free Valentine Ecards
Photo © Jenny Arnott

Buntings are the must have homemade item right now and this free Valentine ecard features a very cute one.

Spice up this free Valentine ecard with your own title and message to really make this card look great.

9. Happy Valentine's Day Photo Card by Pingg

Free Valentine Ecards
Photo © Pingg

Pingg has done it again with this stunning free Valentine ecard where you can add your own photos and make it look just like one of those photo cards that cost big bucks.

Turn this free Valentine ecard into an instant party invitation by sending it with party RSVP's.

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