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Free Valentine Coloring Pages

Printable Valentine's Day Coloring Pages


These free valentine coloring pages will give you an almost immediate way to keep the kids busy and happy. They're all printable and you'll be all set to go in just a few minutes of time.

Besides being fun for the kids to color, when they're done these valentine coloring pages make great gifts for grandparents and teachers.

Tip: Be sure to visit each link to get your valentine coloring pages. The pictures here are not meant to be printed, they are here to give you a preview of the kind of valentine coloring pages each website has.

I have a lot of other Valentine's Day freebies to save you money including Valentine's Day printable cards and printable love coupons.

Raising Our Kids Free Valentine's Day Coloring Pages

Valentine Coloring Pages
© Raising Our Kids

Choose from several categories of Valentine's Day coloring pages here like teddy bears, cupid, flowers, hearts, and kids.

Each category will take you to a ton of free printable valentine coloring pages.

Free Valentine Coloring Pages at Coloring-Page.net

Valentine Coloring Pages
© Coloring-Page.net

There are so many free printable valentine coloring pages here!

In addition too all the printables, there is also an online valentine coloring book.

Valentine Coloring Pages From Crayola

Valentine Coloring Pages
© Crayola

These one-of-a-kind valentine coloring pages were created by the people who know a lot about coloring, Crayola.

Besides the free valentine coloring pages there are also printable valentine bingo sheets.

Make and Takes Valentine's Day Coloring Pages

Valentine Coloring Pages
© Make and Takes

These are some very cute and unique Valentine's Day coloring pages.

You'll need to download these valentine coloring pages in Adobe Reader before printing.

Printable Valentine Coloring Pages at Spoonful

Valentine Coloring Pages
© Spoonful

Some very cute valentine coloring pages await you over at Spoonful.

Each valentine coloring page can also be printed as a black and white card.

Coloring Book Fun's Free Valentine Coloring Pages

Valentine Coloring Pages
© Coloring Book Fun

You'll find 8 pages of valentine coloring pages over at Coloring Book Fun.

You'll need to click the image twice to get a printable version of these valentine coloring pages.

Activity Village's Free Valentine's Day Coloring Pages

Valentine Coloring Pages
© Activity Village

If you are looking for some unique Valentine's Day coloring pages then you are going to love these!

In addition to the Valentine's Day coloring pages, you're also going to find some Valentine's Day dot-to-dots.

Valentine Coloring Pages at Coloring Castle

Valentine Coloring Pages
© Coloring Castle

Most of the free valentine coloring pages over at Coloring Castle feature hearts. One in fact, features 100 hearts!

You'll need to use Adobe Reader to download these valentine coloring pages.

Preschool Coloring Book's Free Valentine's Day Coloring Pages

Valentine Coloring Pages
© Preschool Coloring Book

There are lots to choose from on Preschool Coloring Book and they're organized nicely by subject.

Click on a valentine coloring sheet and then use your browser to print.

Valentine Coloring Pages From Parents.com

Valentine Coloring Pages
© Parents.com

There are almost 10 different Valentine coloring pages here, each one cuter than the last one.

You'll need to register (which is free) before downloading these free valentine coloring pages.

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