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Valentine Party Games for Kids

Valentine's Day Party Games Using What You Have


These valentine party games are going to make your kids' Valentine's Day classroom party a whole lot of fun! No matter what size of group of children you have, these games should work wonderfully.

The great thing about these valentine party games is that they don't require you to purchase anything for the them. All the supplies you'll need are clearly listed under each game and should be items that you already have around your home or classroom.

There are rules for each Valentine's Day game but don't afraid to change them to fit the age of the kids or size of the group. You may just come up with your own unique valentine party game!

If you like these valentine party games be sure to check out all the other Valentine's Day freebies I have like printable Valentine's Day cards and printable love coupons.

Tip: Here are some heart templates you can use for quite a few of these valentine party games.

Who Do You Love?

Valentine Party Games
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This valentine party game reminds me of musical chairs but there's actually no music involved.

One child is "it" and picks another child to ask an identifying question to. The other children who can answer the question "yes" must get up and scramble to find a new seat.

Catch My Heart

In this valentine party game, a ball or beanbag is meant to represent a heart.

The kids will sit around in a circle, and the child with the ball will name another child, and toss the ball to them.

Get this game really moving with the introduction of multiple bean bags or hearts!

Valentine's Day Matchmaker

Write the name of some famous couples on paper and then stick it to the children's backs. The other children will need to quiz each other to get clues about what famous couple is taped to their backs.

You can choose to use cartoon characters, TV couples, or even celebrities.

Guess Who Loves You

Valentine Party Games
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Blindfold one child and secretly pick another child to come up and say "I love you" in a silly voice. Can the child guess who's whispering to him?

You could always change it where the kids say "Happy Valentine's Day" for a group of older kids.

Valentine's Day Pictionary

This is your average game of Pictionary but using Valentine's Day themed words.

Included in the link are word ideas for both younger and older children.

Valentine I Spy

Here's an easy valentine party game that's a lot of fun for the younger kids.

Hide a small valentine object somewhere in your classroom or home and have the children search for it.

Valentine's Day Bingo Game

Valentine Party Games
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Here's your traditional bingo game but with themed Valentine's Day bingo cards to make it an easy and fun valentine party game.

Broken Hearts

Here's a fun valentine party game that serves as an icebreaker. Cut hearts in half and give each child one at the beginning of the party and then they can find the child who has the matching half of their heart.

Here's another version of this valentine party game called All Paired Up that includes some other variations of the game.

Valentine Word Search Puzzles

These free valentine word searches make a fun valentine party game for kids of all ages.

They'll have so much fun they won't even realize their strengthening they spelling and problem solving skills.

Valentine's Day Create-a-Word

Write "Valentine's Day" at the top of the piece of paper and have children race to see how many words they can create from those letters before time runs out.

This would look great with some free Valentine's Day clip art at the top!

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