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Free Stuff for Valentine's Day


I'm going to help make your Valentine's Day even sweeter with these Valentine's Day freebies.

Look below to find free Valentine's cards, gifts, activities for kids, and more, all to help you celebrate Valentine's Day for less.

1. Free Valentine's Day Printable Cards

Valentine's Day Freebies
© HP

Valentine's Day is the day you let your loved ones know how much you care about them and the perfect way to do that is with a card.

There's no reason to spend your hard-earned cash on Valentine's Day cards when you can print off a free one and customize it especially for the recipient.

If you'd like to go the electronic route, I also have a great list of free Valentine's Day ecards that can be delivered to your honey's inbox in seconds.

2. Free Printable Love Coupons

Valentine Day Freebies
© Homemade Gifts Made Easy

Love coupons are coupons that you give to someone you care about and they can be redeemed for favors. It's really a heartfelt gift that's creative and thoughtful.

You can create the love coupons yourself and clicking the link above will take you to several different design templates. Some of the love coupons are already filled out and others you get to customize especially for the person receiving them.

3. Free Printable Valentine's Day Coloring Pages

Valentines Day Freebies
© Kaboose

Kids love to love Valentine's Day and with these free, printable Valentine's Day coloring pages they can do just that.

There are more than 100 printable coloring sheets here that feature hearts, cupid, and other images of love.

4. Free Valentine's Day Clip Art

Valentines Day Freebies
© Valentine-Clipart.com

Create a one of a kind gift for your sweetheart this Valentine's Day with this collection of free Valentine's Day clip art or free heart clip art.

Whatever project you're working on these Valentine's Day clip art images are going to help it look fantastic.

I also have some free heart templates if you're working on a craft project this Valentine's Day.

5. Free Valentine's Day Word Searches

Valentines Day Freebies
Photo: Janis Christie / Getty Images

This is a list of mostly printable but also a few online Valentine's Day word search puzzles.

They're great for both kids and grown-ups and are arranged by skill level.

6. Free Valentine's Day Wallpapers

Valentine Wallpaper
© Desktop Nexus

Bring a little romance to your computer with these free computer wallpapers that are all Valentine's Day themed.

I also have a list of free red rose wallpapers and rose wallpapers that would look great.

7. Valentine's Day Party Games That Don't Cost a Dime

Valentines Day Freebies
Photo: TIMLI / Getty Images

These Valentine's Day party games are perfect for the classroom or church group this Valentine's Day.

Even more perfect is that they all use supplies you already have on hand.

8. Valentine's Day Bingo Cards

Valentine Bingo
© Libbie Grove Design

Print out some of these free Valentine's Day bingo cards and you'll have some instant fun on your hands.

There are all kinds of styles here and games geared towards all ages of kids.

9. Free Valentine's Day Printables

Valentine's Day Freebies
© Eighteen25

Here's a list of free Valentine's Day printables that include decorations and gifts that you can print right from your home computer.

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