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The Best Websites for Downloading Wedding Clipart for Free


Free wedding clipart is perfect for the DIY bride because you can use them on just about anything you are creating for your wedding.

You'll find free wedding clipart that includes images of brides, grooms, rings, cakes, flowers, doves, hearts, unity candles, champagne classes, phrases, and just about any other wedding image you would need for your projects.

These free wedding clipart images can easily be downloaded and incorporated into wedding templates including wedding invitation templates, save the date templates, and wedding program templates. Use them with a free wedding font to make your creation complete.

You can find plenty of other wedding freebies including wedding websites, wedding catalogs, and wedding invitation samples.

1. Free Wedding Clipart from eDigg Clipart

Free Wedding Clipart
© eDigg

eDigg Clipart has one of the largest selection of free wedding clipart around and its nicely arranged categories will help you find exactly what you're looking for. There's also a nice section of black and white wedding clip art here.

The free wedding clipart here includes images of brides, brides and grooms, dancing, hearts, wedding bells, wedding cakes, wedding flowers, wedding rings, and party items.

2. Clips Ahoy's Free Wedding Clipart

Free Wedding Clipart
© Clips Ahoy

Clips Ahoy also has a sizable collection of free wedding clipart that includes seven pages of general wedding clipart but is also broken down into categories such as bridesmaid's dresses, church, champagne, doves, balloons, flower bouquets, flowers, garters, party favors, rings, wedding cake, wedding dress, toasting, and sports related weddings.

Be sure to click on the wedding clip art images to get the largest version available for download.

3. Microsoft Office's Free Wedding Clipart

Free Wedding Clipart
© Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office has a great collection of free wedding clipart that includes clip art images in color, black and white, and also full-color photos that can be downloaded for free.

You can browse through this free wedding clip art by media type or image size.

4. Wedding Clip Art from About.com's Clip Art

Free Wedding Clipart
© About.com Clip Art

About.com Clip Art has some great free wedding clip art that's very high quality and would be a great addition to any of your wedding printables.

Be sure to scroll through each page of the wedding clip art to find images of flowers, wedding dress, brides, grooms, cakes, wreaths, unity candles, bells, gazebos, and more.

5. Free Vintage Wedding Clipart from The Graphics Fairy

Free Wedding Clipart
© The Graphics Fairy

If you're looking for some vintage wedding clip art, you're going to love The Graphics Fairy. A simple search for "wedding" returns blog post after blog post of free color and black and white wedding clip art that all has a vintage flair.

You won't be disappointed with this free clip art that will really make all the difference in your DIY wedding projects.

6. Oneheart Weddings Free Wedding Clipart

Free Wedding Clipart
© Oneheart Weddings

Oneheart Weddings has a small but very pretty collection of free wedding clip art.

Included in the free wedding clip art are cakes, roses, rings, phrases, flowers, brides, and flourishes.

7. Free Wedding Clipart at Clker.com

Free Wedding Clipart
© Clker.com

Clker.com has free wedding clip art images of brides, grooms, rings, cakes, doves, borders, invitations, hearts, bells, dresses, and flourishes.

You'll want to keep clicking on the image you want until you get a download option. Then you can choose what size you'd like to download the wedding clipart image in.

8. Webweaver's Wedding Clipart

Free Wedding Clipart
© Webweavers

Webweaver has two pages of free wedding clipart that includes images of brides and grooms, hearts, limos, champagne bottles, bouquets, rings, and doves.

Click on the wedding clipart image you'd like to download to get a full sized version.

9. Wedding Clip Art from Hellas Multimedia

Free Wedding Clipart
© Hellas Multimedia

Hellas Multimedia has eleven pages of free wedding clipart that includes all kinds of fun images.

Browse through all the pages of the wedding clip art or select from categories such as groom and bride, wedding rings, wedding bells, wedding cakes, doves, wedding signs, and miscellaneous wedding images.

10. Free Wedding Clipart from Fresno Weddings

Free Wedding Clipart
© Fresno

You'll find lots of free wedding clip art here organized into categories like brides, flowers, rings, cake, grooms, couples, music, wedding, dance, and general wedding misc.

If you click on an individual wedding clip art image you'll get a full-sized image that's perfect for downloading.

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