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Readers Respond: What's Your Favorite Christmas Wallpaper From the List?

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From the article: Free Christmas Wallpapers

Want a great way to brighten up your office? Christmas wallpapers instantly add holiday cheer to a room and can really get you in the holiday spirit.

Now that I've picked the top 25 free Christmas wallpapers, I want to know - what's your favorite Christmas wallpaper from the list?


While there are several pretty wallpapers here, Christmas Lights and the one with the fireplace, I was disappointed that there is not a single one that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, my Savior. Would you please consider adding at least one? Thanks for all you do for the Freebie community. :)
—Guest Jill Buckland

hd wallpaper hub

—Guest Kareena

Snowman By Dimpo

My favorite wall paper is snowman by Dimpo! I loved them all but I love Snowmen! Thanks so much for your great page! God Bless!
—Guest glorioussnookie

Christmas Lights Is the Best!

My favorite is Christmas Lights - so pretty and simple!
—Guest ConnieL

Santa Hat by Sandrallise

That's my favorite Christmas wallpaper. The kids love it!
—Guest Bethof3
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