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Readers Respond: What's the Best Freebie You've Gotten From Craigslist?

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Although Craigslist is best known as a place where you can buy and sell stuff, you also can get a ton of free stuff from Craigslist.

If you're not sure how to get Craigslist freebies, I'll walk you through how to find the best free stuff on Craigslist so you can join in on the fun.

If you've used Craigslist to get free stuff, I'd love to hear about your best Craigslist freebie.

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I got a best friend

I got my first leopard gecko on craigslist! She was the best in the whole world!
—Guest michelle

Dishwasher and Stove

Got a free dishwasher, drop-in stove, and stainless steel sink.
—Guest BamaGal

Free Kitten

Got a kitten off Craigslist. Healthy and from a great neighborhood, too. Very trustworthy owners. Though she was timid at first, she's become very lively and loving to us.
—Guest Mowalski

Free Engine

A free 2003 ski Doo mxz 800 HO, needed a spark plug and the guy thought engine was junk.
—Guest Butch


I got a running Suzuki ATV 250and it runs great looks great only put a few dollars into it for minor things like nuts and bolts for the plastics, Ye hawww!!
—Guest Free4all

Fish Tank

I got a fish tank from Craigslist and it looked like it was new. I am so happy about this and guess what? It's still in good condition.
—Guest Alice seals

Antique Shelve from England

A woman had moved here maybe 30 years ago from England. She brought an antique cabinet from an old church; she had torn off the doors, added metal legs and covered it with velvet. I tore off the velvet and it was great raw wood underneath. It has made the best most enormous bookshelf with 16 deep square cubbies. One day I will stain it and paint the legs. Sorry its missing the doors tho.

Apple computer stuff from business

A business was upgrading and giving away tons of server stuff including a RAID misc hard drives dual core server (which I parted out), tons of back up or replacement parts most of which were sealed in plastic. Sold on ebay over the course of 6 months about $4,000 after ebay fees and shipping.
—Guest Rob

I got a boat & trailer once

Working condition! I have also picked up many big screen tvs and sold them for 200 a pop. You can basically get anything on there for your house. Its pretty awesome. I check everyday for something.
—Guest Mike



Tie (22" Chrome rims, Comparter parts)

I was lurking Craigslist a couple years ago and came across a free set of 22" chrome rims, complete with lug nuts, center caps, and 2 brand new tires. They had curb rash, and that's why he was giving them away. (Est. Value: $1,200 - $200 repair/used tires, $1,000) Just weeks prior to that I found a guy who was giving away loads of computer equipment, including a nice server. I had enough parts to build about 8 computers, 1 server, and still had parts left over after putting multiple hard drives in each. (Est. Value: $700)
—Guest Ryan

Great Big Screen

I was fortunate to find a Mitsubishi 45 inch in excellent condition. Thanks Craigslist!
—Guest Joseph


I got a free Honda Goldwing that i rode for over a year!... a free motorcycle, that i gave away that came with 2 free helmets, one which was expensive... and i got an electric bicycle free.. and 30+ free windows to build a greenhouse...sold the goldwing, so... techniocally craigslist gave me thousands of dollars
—Guest Robin

Home Gym System

Got a universal home gym machine from body solid. worth about $1,200 brand new. I still cant believe it and it still looks new. This is a nice addition to my home gym.
—Guest Louie

Mattress set

We had to travel a bit but it was worth it. He even included mattress covers.
—Guest jerjorju

Share Your Best Freebie

What's the Best Freebie You've Gotten From Craigslist?

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