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Readers Respond: What's the Best Freebie You've Gotten From Freecycle?

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Freecycle is a website where you can get free stuff and give away some of your stuff for free.

You can learn more about how Freecycle works and how to get free stuff from Freecycle if you haven't tried it before.

There are so many great things to get for free on Freecycle! What's the best freebie you've gotten from Freecycle?

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What I gave

This item I didn't receive, but I did give away for a friend. a 64, fully contained 30 ft RV. wooha
—Guest Keri

Espresso maker

I just got a very nice Italian-made espresso maker ($400 new), and it works great!
—Guest Steve

A car!!

I got a 1968 kit car! Only needed a new throttle cable (£10) she had it serviced last year..what a nice lady! Must be worth alot! I've also had a 3 piece suite a bagless Hoover, a karcher pressure washer, and many more
—Guest Matt G

Hoover Carpet Shampooer

Needed one for my in home daycare. It was like new. I have also got 2 boxes full of books, kiddie pool, and work pants for my hubby. I love freecycle!
—Guest Mama2aiden

SLR Camera

I got on freecycle an very good slr camera! worth about £100 and i got it for free.. WOO:)
—Guest Alex Dudbirdge

Best Freebie

Being a single and umployed mother I got baby clothes, socks, toys, books, bedding and car seats for my baby before and after he was born. It was a blessing.
—Guest vjade2112

Best Freebie

A computer! Freecycle saved me hundreds of dollars when our computer died, I just posted that I needed one and within a week I was picking up our new (to us :)) computer.

Best Freebie i've gotten from freecycle

Some people who have become friends:Mary,Christine and Leslie.They are tops of a lot of goodies i have gotten such as exercise stepper,tv,dresser,lots of plants,but my new friends were the best gift of all.

Freecycle Freebies

I got a nice big inflatable raft. I live on a lake so I thought that was pretty cool. Also picked up a vintage electric typewriter as birthday present for a friend. I was a hit with that one.
—Guest etwerp

My best freebie from Freecycle

That would have to be my second dog! He was a shelter rescue and his owner couldn't keep him and needed to find him a good home. His personality sounded very similar to the dog I already had so I thought they would be great company for each other. 6 years alter they are still like brothers!

Free Gravel and a Free Vacuum Cleaner

I've been a member of Louisville FC for a long time and have gotten a lot, and given a lot too! My best would have to be a bunch of gravel that i got for free as well as a perfect vacuum cleaner.
—Guest patrick logsdon

Love to give and receive

I have received a cool yellow nightstand and a small computer desk for my teen daughter's room. I also received a television; DVD/VCR combo. I have given away kids books, coat, shoes, and toys.
—Guest jerjorju

Best TV Ever!

I picked up a 52" big-screen HDTV from a wonderful lady who had just bought a new one. That was a year ago or more and it's still working like new! I got it for my Mom and Dad who have a hard time seeing regular sized TV and my Mom has been dreaming of a big screen TV but thought she'd never get one. She was as excited as a little girl at Christmas and she's 80 years old! It was awesome!

Best Freebie on Freecycle

The best thing I have gotten free on Freecycle is a dog...we got a male Boston Terrier 4 yrs ago at the end of May and he is still with us and SO very loved. I had just joined Freecycle when he popped up and we drove 65 miles each way to bring him to his forever home. So sometimes the best free things are just priceless! Thanks for letting me share my best Freecycle freebie!

2 Sets of Kitchen Cabinets!

I was able to get 2 full sets of kitchen cabinets on Freecycle. We saved 1 set for our garage and our neighbor who was trying to sell her house was gifted an amazing set of cabinets we got for her.
—Guest Jen

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What's the Best Freebie You've Gotten From Freecycle?

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