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Readers Respond: What's The Best Freebie You've Gotten From Allure Free Stuff?

Responses: 9


Allure Free Stuff gives away thousands of full-sized beauty freebies every month. A little bit of skill and a lot of luck can score you some great freebies from Allure.

If you're not familiar with how to get free beauty products from Allure, you can read more about Allure Free Stuff and tips and tricks on how to make sure you get an Allure freebie.

If you've gotten an Allure freebie before, I'd love to read about the best Allure freebie you've gotten.

Like the sound of these freebies? Find out when the next Allure freebies will be given away.

1st time & Buncha Wins! Hoping for more

Pureology shampoo, Essie Nail Polish in Lady-Like, Spornette Boar Hair Brush and Triacneal
—Guest Natalie


I have ried and tried and tried to get free samples from Allure and NEVER received anything!
—Guest Kris

Victoria's Secret Dreamgirl Spray

Yay! Smells yummy! First thing I ever won from Allure!
—Guest me

Coloresciene Mineral Powder

Not something that I usually use but I sure do like it since I got it for free.
—Guest chelsea

Pureology Shampoo & Conditioner

I got some Pureology shampoo and conditioner from the Allure August freebies this last summer.
—Guest FreebieFan

Olay Regenerist

I can't believe it but I got a whole bunch of Olay Regenerist products from Allure. This is great because I use this stuff anyway!!

Red Clutch and NYC City Duet Eye Shadow

This week I got the red clutch (leather-like) and the NYC City Duet Eye shadow. YIPEE!
—Guest Nora

A wool coat!!

I've gotten little stuff from Allure for the last couple of years I've been doing it but the best has been a wool coat. It didn't fit so I gave it to my sister but it is a great coat!
—Guest MegansMom

best allure freebie i've gotten

i got the elf mineral eye shadow from the big august allure giveaway. i loved the color and now i buy it all the time. i've gotten other freebies too but nothing too big
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