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Readers Respond: What Are Your Favorite Seed and Plant Catalogs?

Responses: 18


Do you love getting free seed and plant catalogs in the mail? I've got a great list of almost 50 places where you can request free seed and plant catalogs.

Now that you've had a chance to receive some of these free seed and plant catalogs, I'd like to know - what are your favorite seed and plant catalogs?

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Shumway's Rule!

R.H.Shumway's catalog takes me back 50 years when everything had real flavor. Of course, their stuff still tastes great!
—Guest B.H.Wilson

Favorite Seed & Plant Catalog

The best I have found for regular and unusual varieties is Richters Herb Farm, Goodwood, Ontario, CANADA.
—Guest Maddy

I have just about tried them all!

Just last year ordered from Michigan and was greatly disappointed in the size of plants, they were so small and at that price, I probably would have paid local for 1/2 gal size. Lesson learned, the gogi berry I asked for a replacement and they never responded. Rictors in Canada has the coolest stuff, but their return/replacement policy sucks! I have been gardening since 66, so kinda have gotten around. Things have gotten stricter now with the economy. There was one company I was looking for here that had a lifetime guarantee, can’t remember who they were?
—Guest stellamary

Wayside Gardens

Wayside Gardens has a beautiful flower and plant catalog with lots of pictures.

Favorite Plant Catalog

I like Burgess Seed and Plant Co. For variety, price, and reasonable shipping costs.
—Guest D. K.

Penny's Tomatoes

Penny has a unique selection of Tomato seeds. All Heirloom and unusual tomatoes and varieties for Hot weather and cold weather States.
—Guest Joe Arditi

ones you missed

Potato garden. Tomato growers supply company and pinetree gardens are great free catalogs and product is great
—Guest Robert VonBerge

Jackson Perkins

Jackson & Perkins provides so many different varieties of the most beautiful rose bushes around. I am proud to tell everyone where the ginormous roses I have around my house came from! Looking for flowers? Go to Jackson Perkins
—Guest Mrs. Kassidy *lil artist*


i like burpies the best for my veggies, for rare and unusual stuff i like centerofthewebb's rare seeds, but they don't have a catalog
—Guest max

gourney,burpee, and ferry moss

i like that they always offer a variety of products, and unusual or different seeds
—Guest gardenista

Favorite Seed Catalog

I always order the Burgess catalog. It has the old fashioned seeds you can't find in the others, like strawberry popcorn and gourds.

Favorite catalogue

Baker Creek. They have 100's of seeds not found anywhere.
—Guest Mark!!!

The Greatest!

Johnny's selected seed catalog is after the heart of growers and gardeners.
—Guest paul hemingway

Favorite Seed/Plant Catalog

Totally Tomatoes catalog- it's quite unique and has great explanations.
—Guest jj29

Tomato Growers Supply Company

As an avid tomato and pepper grower, I enjoy Tomato Growers Supply Company. Their catalog is loaded with varieties.
—Guest jon

Share Your Favorite

What Are Your Favorite Seed and Plant Catalogs?

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